About Us!

Hello there!

Nope! We aren't PROS. You can say advanced bikers. Nothing cocky here.

We are the Bike Brothers and we'd love to be your bike buddies! We're XC bikers from the South (south of Manila, PH), but we ride in different directions. Of course, we commonly ride the roads and off-roads of the southern region but we also go to the metropolitan-side and its north-side from time to time.

We like more off-roads than roads. We've been through a lot of trails, single and wide tracks, in the south and we are still searching for more.

Trail Master
We can cater to foreign and local guest mountain bikers out there who needs a guide to the many trail spots in our region. We also cater to a couple of trail spots in the metropolitan and up-north.. Well, not just simply trails. We've connected the dots and created a network of trails in a loop. You can ride with us all day just hitting up roads and trails.

Tour Guide
We can take you to a tour. There are a lot of places in the Philippines which will definitely make you fall in love with it. There's lots of lakes, volcanoes, falls, rivers, and mountain ranges to explore. There also historical sites where we can take you to learn the history and culture of our country. There are other fun places and activities we can take you to -- like wake boarding spots, fish feeding areas, picnic areas, beaches and resorts, bird sanctuaries and more.

We are open to guide beginners, intermediate and advanced XC mountain bike enthusiasts. Cannot say for certain that we are qualified to lead a group of pros, elite, and hardcore riders but they are more than welcome to have us simply guide them to places they've never been to, yet, in our menu.

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