Sunday, March 9, 2014

Things Mountain Biking Taught Me

I learned a couple of things in our ride today, which is probably applicable to all walks of life. 

1. When you ride, imagine that your bike is an extension of your body and soul. Pero tulad daw ng isang relasyon, gaano ka man ka-attached dito, you should learn when to let go... kung alam mong masakit na o masasaktan ka lang :)) --But you should learn to let go especially if you know when you are about to get hurt.

2. When you see a jump, you either stop at the edge... Or take a leap of faith

3. There will always be a change of course along the way. You can't always walk or ride the same path. Eventually, you will need to take risks on new tracks. 

4. When you meet the end of the road, that's where the fun begins.

5. There is a great difference between caution and fear -- that is... determination. Caution is the backup of courage. Fear is your hindrance to succeed.

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